Andrew Gatenby, the third son of Andrew Gatenby and his wife Mary nee Oxley of Egton, Yorkshire was baptised on 19/7/1772 and died at 'Barton' Tasmania on 19/8/1848 in his 77th year. The portrait (oil on canvas) may have been painted in 1841 in his 70th year. It is not signed but the writer believes it to be the work of John Glover. One school of thought suggests that it is not Andrew but his son George (1801 - 1871) however it is believed that the broad necktie fashion places the portrait in the 1840's.

This photograph is of the painting and is slightly distorted.

Hannah Gatenby, nee Maw, was born at Appleton near Lastingham, Yorkshire. She was most probably the daughter of Christopher Maw and Jane Robinson being baptised at Lastingham on 28th Dec 1776. Hannah married Andrew Gatenby on 13th May 1800 at Hackness and died 25th May 1878 at 'Barton' in Tasmania aged 101 years (100 years on her tombstone).

Photo taken in Launceston Tasmania about 1860.

Taken from the First edition October 1999 by W A Brook, Fiji.

    The Australian Dictionary of National Biography states that, "Andrew Gatenby (1771-1848) farmer, was born at Scarborough, Yorkshire, England"; it also goes on to say that he married Hannah Maw of Whitby and leased Barton Farm near Whenby before 1812. We know from parish records that he was christened on 19/7/1772 the third son of Andrew Gatenby, a farmer and Mary (nee Oxley) at the Egton Parish Church 30km northwest of Scarborough and 11 km west southwest of Whitby in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Andrew the younger also became a farmer and married Hannah Maw at Hackness near Scarborough on 13/5/1800: the Maw family had previously lived at Appleton in the parish of Lastingham where Hannah was born, being baptised there on 28/12/1776. Andrew and Hannah's first two sons George and John were also born at Appelton on 22/1/1801 and 28/1/1803 respectively before the family moved to a farm near Whitby around 1805, thence to Wales in 1812 or 1813. In late 1822 they sailed for Van Diemen's Land in the "Berwick", arriving at Hobart Town on 21/6/1823 with all seven children. Andrew received an initial grant of 1500 acres in the Midlands which he named "Barton" and with hard and dedicated work he and his sons became successful farmers and were the ancestors of the Gatenby’s in Tasmania.

    The progenitor of the Egton Gatenby family was likely a Richard Gatenby, presumably a farmer, who married Agnes Cole on 30/8/1588 in the adjacent parish of Danby in Cleveland almost 200 years before Andrew's birth. This is the first Gatenby entry in the Danby Parish register and Andrew of 'Barton' was fifth in line from Richard of Danby. One of Richard's four sons was christened Anthony, a comparatively uncommon name, which was also borne by the last of the armorial main line of Gatenby at Gatenby, a manor 35km north of Harrogate. This Anthony Gatenby of Gatenby died around 1595 leaving two daughters as co-heiresses, one of whom married William Bowes of Ellerbeck and named one of her sons Anthony. Anthony was a popular Gatenby of Gatenby name and it is considered likely that Richard of Danby was a cadet line of this family and continued its use at Danby.

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