The British census was taken to record those living in a household at midnight on a Sunday. The first major national census of use to family historians was carried out in 1841. Subsequent censuses were taken every ten years.


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    The census records are sorted alphabetically by place or address of census. This will tend to show family groups, i.e.. all those at the same address on census night. This could be a house number and street name. They are also sorted by Christian names alphabetically for ease of search.

    The 1901 census is also sorted by a unique ‘personal’ Identification (ID) Number assigned to each person listed. This shows those present in the same house on census night, where consecutive numbers suggest family groups.

   The 1911 census is displayed similarly but the relationship to head of household is not complete. If you can help to show your family group if it is not given, then please contact me.

    The 1881 census if free to search at

Information about the British censuses can be found at

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HO 107

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